[:en]Summer camp can change lives!

Summer campers - Canadian summer camps, Canadian Camping AssociationCamp presents an opportunity for children to learn new skills, meet new friends, and develop independence and self-confidence. Most of all, camp is just a whole lot of fun!

There are plenty of resources available for those parents sending their child to camp for the first time and for the veteran camp parent as well.

One such resource is Camp The Best Time of A Child’s Life!, an eBook written by CCA Executive Member Catherine Ross and produced by Our Kids Go To Camp.  The eBook features sections on:

  • the benefits of camp
  • how to choose a camp
  • how to register
  • how to prepare your camper before camp
  • what to expect once your child goes to camp

Download a free copy of a complete handbook for camp parents, Preparing For Camp on the Our Kids Go To Camp website.

We invite you to explore the CCA website for more resources.

Happy camping![:fr]

Camp d'ete - les camps du Canada, Association des camps du CanadaCamp d’été peut changer la vie !

Camp présente une occasion pour les enfants à acquérir de nouvelles compétences, rencontrer de nouveaux amis et développer l’indépendance et confiance en soi. Surtout, le camp est juste un tas d’amusement!

Nous vous invitons à consulter le site de l’ACC que davantage de ressources.

Camping heureux !