Update on Temporary Foreign Worker Permits

If you have been experiencing delays in the processing of your Temporary Foreign Worker Permits please see the information below:

After speaking with senior people at Service Canada and our contacts at the Prime Minister’s Office, we have received an extremely positive response from senior government officials that applications are in process and that resources are being diverted towards completing LMO’s, STS’s, etc. in order to avoid any distress to camp employers.

We have been assured by Service Canada in Ontario of their commitment to working with camp employers on an ongoing basis, as they have in the past. Essentially they have made it clear that they are now instructing all staff to process camp applications.

If your camp has already been impacted by delays in processing for staff entry into Canada such that your staff should have entered the country already or are supposed to enter the country early next week, we have been asked to direct camps to send a short and polite email to your Service Canada representative/program officer that thanks them for their time, while acknowledging you know how busy they are as a result of the issues surrounding the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. You should also state that you have been made aware that staff resources are being diverted towards processing all camp related applications and as a result you are providing them with names of staff that require immediate action.

You should then copy the director of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Steven West (steven.west@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca) on your email.

Please only indicate staff names that are urgent and require immediate processing as we expect within a week Service Canada will be catching up on all other files and we should expect the normal support and service as in past years.

As each week passes if you find that applications are still not being processed then you should keep on emailing your contact and copy Steven West.

If you find you are still not receiving results next week feel free to advise CCA President Jill Dundas (jill.dundas@sympatico.ca) or Mark Diamond at (mark@manitoucamp.com).


About Jill Dundas

Jill is the Executive Director of the Girl Guides of Canada-Ontario Counci. She assumed a two year role as President of CCA on January 1, 2014. Presently she is the Treasurer for the International Camping Fellowship. Her many years as a volunteer for the Ontario Camps Association earned her OCA’s highest honour, the Dorothy Walter Award of Excellence. Formerly the Director of Doe Lake Girl Guide Camp, Jill continues to enjoy working with committed volunteers through many camp-related projects at the international, national and provincial levels.
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