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Discover Your Adventure at the Our Kids Camp Expo

Posted on February 2, 2014 by Erin McLaughlin

Our Kids Camp Expo Toronto 2014It’s almost that time again – summer camp time! When families think of camp they usually just think ‘fun’, but a camp experience for a child is so much more than that. Camp is a life campus. It helps kids build lifelong skills, like problem solving, leadership and confidence. In a world full of iPhones and iPads, camp alleviates nature deficit disorder and teaches kids the value of unstructured playtime as well as the importance of staying active. It also encourages young minds to learn outside of the classroom and provides a unique opportunity for kids to simply be themselves.

The Our Kids Camp Expo can help you find an amazing summer camp for your child with the chance to speak one on one with many different types of camps all in one day. This festive event will allow you to explore day and overnight camps and after school programs that specialize in a range of programs including arts, sports, technology, special needs or an overall traditional experience.

Whether you’re looking for a gender specific camp or your child has a particular interest you want to help them develop, the Expo is the perfect place to check out the options and get your questions answered. Learn all about the benefits of camp, how to pay, how to prepare, what to pack, and how camps deal with safety and homesickness.

If your family is interested finding out what the camp experience is all about, the Expo will have camp staff and current campers on hand to talk about their day to day activities, what they continue to learn and what they love most about camp. Be sure to bring the whole family to see the live animal shows and participate in camp activities, games and crafts! Plus, in support of the Kids in Camp charity, which seeks to send underprivileged kids to camp, Our Kids will donate $1 on behalf of each attending family.

Date and Location

Sunday, February 23, 2014 – 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Roy Thomson Hall: 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto, Ontario

Receive FREE admission to the Camp Expo when you pre-register.

For additional information, please contact 1-877-272-1845 or

Top Ten Tips to Maximize Success at Camp Tradeshows

Posted on January 6, 2014 by CCA Communications Committee

Anne Marie Rabasca, Expo Manager of Our Kids Media, offers sound advice to successfully engage prospective parents at upcoming camp tradeshows.

1. Register early To ensure that you’re able to secure the space you want and maximize your exposure to potential leads, make sure that you register early. “Prime” booths go fast and location does matter. Booths near the front doors are desirable because they provide easy access to everyone who enters. Booths at the ends of aisles are good because you have access to front and side traffic due to the “corner”. Or perhaps you want to be near/far from your competitors. Act fast so as not to be disappointed.

2. Promote your participation Whether you use social media, newsletters or your website as just a few of the ways to reach out to your clients, don’t neglect them as means to get the word out. Utilize all of your avenues to promote your participation and let everyone know where you’ll be and when! Tradeshow publicity sites, parenting websites, newspaper ads, radio, etc. are all additional ways to spread the word.

3. Design a smart booth As much as your budget allows, make your booth inviting – something that makes people want to stop and lean more. Use your promotional materials to create a strong presence! While it can be tempting to pack your booth with a lot of information, keep it short, bold and concise. You only have a few seconds to attract a visitor – don’t scare them away with too much too soon.

4. Place orders for any rentals Once you’ve determined if you will require A/V equipment, special lighting, furnishings, etc. make sure to order them at least two weeks a head of time to be sure that the rental company has enough to go around and that you receive any shipments, or that you’re able to pick – up, in enough time for trade show day.

5. Make travel and staff arrangements Determine who will represent your camp at the booth and make travel arrangements accordingly. Staff your exhibit with trained, knowledgeable, approachable people; the image you project at the trade show is the image attendees will have of your business. Make sure the image presented is the one you want to linger in their minds!

6. Print banners / brochures Unless you have a topnotch printer and you do all your printing in house, then give yourself plenty of time to print out banners and brochures. Print style on banners should be simple and easy to read from a distance – avoid too little or too much information/writing. Consider investing in good graphics – if you need to cut back, don’t let this be the area! Exhibitors spend thousands on the booth and travel expenses. Give yourself at least one month. Look at your logo, see if it needs tweaking; design your slogan for your banners; and plan what brochures you will be handing out. Don’t leave your printing to the last minute – allow time for corrections/reprints if needed.

7. Packing List – Miscellaneous Box Again, don’t leave this until the last minute – at least one week before the tradeshow, jot down all the items that will be coming with you to the show and a few days before the show, review it and make sure you have everything ready and then check them off the list when you are packing up. Bring the packing list to the event so that you can add to it once you are at the show, as you may find that you overlooked something that would have been great to have that day – make notes for the next show.

8. Generate Leads When speaking with families, ask them to provide you with their contact details so you can send them a complete information package, or suggest they sign up for your newsletter to stay informed of upcoming events.

9. Follow Up Families are busy so be sure to follow-up with your leads. Send them a personalized thank you note and invite them to any upcoming events or information sessions.

10. Evaluate Most often, the success of a trade show is measured by the number of quality leads versus the quantity of leads, and it’s estimated that 77% of tradeshow attendees are qualified buyers. How many were you able to reach? Evaluate the effectiveness of your exhibit and plan for adjustments next time around. Be objective. Think – what would I have liked to see if I was the attendee? How critical would you have been? Remember, if you can think of something that someone else could have done better, chances are someone thought that about you!

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