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CCA leaders determine three priorities at November 2014 National Leadership Forum

Posted on January 11, 2015 by Catherine Ross

On November 17 and 18, 2014, twenty-nine Canadian camping leaders met for the National Leadership Forum at the Toronto Airport Holiday Inn. The participants included the CCA Board, Provincial Presidents, Executive Directors and National Committee and Task Force Chairs.

On the second day, after hearing reports from every province and committee the participants focused on three priorities: marketing, education and lobbying.


Chair, Liz Kovach (Executive Director for Manitoba) with assistance from Gabrielle Raille (ICF Representative) of Quebec will form a task force of provincial representatives to develop a National Marketing Campaign. Before seeking professional input, they will begin by answering two questions:

  1. What is the message?
  2. Who is our target group?


John Savage (CCA Board Representative for New Brunswick) with assistance from Sean Day (CCA Board Representative from Quebec) is committed to hosting a Canadian Camp Directors Course in New Brunswick in the Fall of 2015 with leadership from Jane McCutcheon (former CCA Treasurer) and Jeff Bradshaw (Camp Wenonah).


Currently, Mark Diamond (Director of Camp Manitou, Ontario) is the Chair of the CCA Lobbying Committee, which was established in the Spring of 2014 to address pending federal legislation affecting camps. Jill Dundas (CCA President) and Jonathan Nyquist (CCA Board Representative for Ontario) are members. The intention is to expand the committee to include a representative from every province to act as a watch dog for pending legislation affecting their camps and disseminate relevant information to their camps.

Earlier efforts, which were focused on Transport Canada legislation, were successful in negotiating a camp-specific course for camp boat drivers that is less onerous than the Small Vessel Operator Proficiency. Decisions are being made on how and by whom this course will be delivered to camps for summer 2015. Work is ongoing on insurance requirements for camp boats.

Attention then focused on Foreign Workers Legislation. The hope is for current exemptions for charitable and religious camps to continue while gaining an exemption for all camps. CCA is budgeting to cover all costs of lobbying on national legislation pertaining to camps.

CCA Moves to Comply with Federal Legislation for Non-Profit Organizations

Posted on September 29, 2014 by Catherine Ross

On September 10, 2014, the CCA Board approved a motion to bring our association into compliance with Federal Legislation for non-profit organizations. The proposed By-Laws and Articles of Continuance are posted in the Members’ Section on the CCA website.

The revised by-laws permit two classes of membership in CCA: Federated Members (Provincial Camping Associations) and individual members appointed by the CCA Board as Executive Officers.  Camps that are members of a Provincial Camping Association retain ALL previous benefits such as continued participation in the insurance program and permission to display the CCA logo.

A special meeting of CCA Members by conference call will be held on Wednesday, October 8 at 12pm Eastern time to address this motion.

Please refer any questions and/or a request for conference call details to Jill Dundas, President at

Update on Temporary Foreign Worker Permits

Posted on May 26, 2014 by Jill Dundas

If you have been experiencing delays in the processing of your Temporary Foreign Worker Permits please see the information below:

After speaking with senior people at Service Canada and our contacts at the Prime Minister’s Office, we have received an extremely positive response from senior government officials that applications are in process and that resources are being diverted towards completing LMO’s, STS’s, etc. in order to avoid any distress to camp employers.

We have been assured by Service Canada in Ontario of their commitment to working with camp employers on an ongoing basis, as they have in the past. Essentially they have made it clear that they are now instructing all staff to process camp applications.

If your camp has already been impacted by delays in processing for staff entry into Canada such that your staff should have entered the country already or are supposed to enter the country early next week, we have been asked to direct camps to send a short and polite email to your Service Canada representative/program officer that thanks them for their time, while acknowledging you know how busy they are as a result of the issues surrounding the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. You should also state that you have been made aware that staff resources are being diverted towards processing all camp related applications and as a result you are providing them with names of staff that require immediate action.

You should then copy the director of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Steven West ( on your email.

Please only indicate staff names that are urgent and require immediate processing as we expect within a week Service Canada will be catching up on all other files and we should expect the normal support and service as in past years.

As each week passes if you find that applications are still not being processed then you should keep on emailing your contact and copy Steven West.

If you find you are still not receiving results next week feel free to advise CCA President Jill Dundas ( or Mark Diamond at (

CCA Priorities: Lobbying and Legislation

Posted on March 31, 2014 by CCA Communications Committee

After identifying the awareness of new legislation and government lobbying as priorities at the November 2013 National Leadership Forum, the CCA pleased to announce that it has:

  • Committed $4,000 annually for Global Public Affairs to provide semi-annual audits of federal and provincial legislation affecting camps.
  • Contributed $11,500 to date to assist the Ontario Camps Association with Global Public Affairs fees related to the Transport Canada legislation and will continue to financially support OCA with lobbying related to this national issue.
  • Committed $10,000 to assist OCA to continue working with Transport Canada to develop a camp-specific, shorter, less expensive program to qualify camp boat drivers, a course which would be less onerous than the Small Vessel Operators Proficiency (SOVP).

The New Necessity – Proactive Government Lobbying

Posted on May 7, 2013 by CCA Communications Committee

At a recent meeting in Edmonton, the CCA Board moved to financially support Ontario’s initiative to lobby the federal government on current and future Transport Canada Regulations, which are having and will have a serious, negative impact on many Canadian camps. The Ontario Camps Association hired Global Public Affairs Inc. to schedule meetings on April 22, 2013 of three OCA representatives with MP David Tilson; MP Larry Miller, Chair of the House Transport Committee; the Political Staff in the Ministry of Transport and the Chief of Staff to the Minister of Small Business and Tourism.

The federal legislation applies to all camps that use motorized boats over 9.9 HP for any reason but it is particularly demanding for camps that are accessed by water or regularly transport more than 6 passengers.

Current legislation requires the registration of every motorized vessel over 9.9 HP as a Small Commercial Vessel (SCV). The onerous registration paperwork can take up to six months. Registered boats require specific equipment (flares, lifejackets (as opposed to PFDs), communication devices etc).

Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP) and Small Non-Pleasure Vessel Basic Safety (MED A3) are now required for operators carrying more than six passengers or operators of workboats greater than 8 metres in length. These qualifications require several days to complete at a cost per individual of between $500 and $1000.

By 2014, Small Vessel Marine Insurance is anticipated at a rate of $250,000 liability insurance per seat for each motorized passenger-carrying vessel. This coverage is separate and distinct from other general liability insurance. Nancy Brown, broker for the CCA Insurance Progam, is working with the OCA representatives on this aspect of the anticipated legislation.

There is mounting evidence that government legislation has been and will continue to be a grave concern for camp operators. CCA, recognizing the need and advantages of being proactive, has added lobbying to the top of the agenda for the National Leadership Forum (NLF) this November. At the NLF, the CCA Board, Provincial Presidents and Executive Directors will consider the viability of retaining a lobbyist to keep camp leaders aware of pending legislation that will affect the camping industry. A national committee dedicated to monitoring legislation with input from a professional lobbyist would enable us to be proactive.

Today we are doing our best to react to Transport Canada regulations. Camp owners in Ontario have made individual contributions to add to the financial commitment from OCA and CCA. The initial costs are estimated between forty and sixty thousand dollars. Financial support from any camp across the country directed to the OCA Executive Director, Heather Heagle, would be most welcomed.

This is a national issue. We need to know what camps in what provinces are being affected negatively by the Transport Canada Commercial boating regulations. We would like to hear your stories. How are the regulations affecting you now? What has been your experience with Transport Canada or other enforcement officers? How will the regulations affect you? Please contact Mark Diamond ( with your stories.

Your Camp Could Be Next!

Posted on April 3, 2013 by CCA Communications Committee

Right now, camps in Ontario that depend on water transportation are bracing for a fight with the Federal Government to change new legislation that could put them out of business. The Ontario Camps Association is taking on the job, but the Transportation Canada Shipping Act regulations apply across the country.

Knowing the magnitude of the camping industry is vital to lobbying governments. The next issue could affect your camp!

Please join the seventy-five camps that took five minutes to complete this brief and confidential Business Survey to enable us to compile the statistics that are essential if we hope to be effective with current and future conversations with all levels of government.

We need to hear from the other 725 plus camps across the country for a meaningful result. Please click on the links below: