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Discover Your Adventure at Canada’s Top Summer Camps

Posted on January 16, 2015 by Erin McLaughlin does camp mean to you? Maybe it’s a week of fun in the sun, arts and crafts, and canoeing. Perhaps it’s a couple weeks of dipping toes in the water, finding a place at the chow table, feeling confident about mastering a new activity, and endless campfire stories and giggles.

To your child, a camp experience is all of that and more. At camp, your child is able to play and learn, take chances and try something new, and build friendships that last a lifetime. It’s an opportunity to foster important life skills such as problem solving, leadership and self-confidence. Most importantly, camp is where your children can feel free to be themselves.

Every child deserves to go to camp and the Our Kids Camp Expo can help you find an amazing summer camp by introducing you to directors and staff from many different types of camps across Ontario and Quebec all in one day. Explore day and overnight camps that specialize in a range of programs including arts, sports, technology, special needs or an overall traditional experience.

The Camp Expo is the perfect place to discover your adventure and get your questions answered. Learn all about the benefits of camp, how to pay, how to prepare, what to pack, how camps deal with safety and homesickness, and more.

Be sure to bring the whole family to see live animal shows and participate in camp activities, games and crafts. There will be lots of prizes to be won, plus $2,500 in camp scholarships, and each attending family will receive a free 2015 OUR KIDS Camp Guide featuring 230+ programs to choose from.

In support of the Kids in Camp charity, which seeks to send underprivileged kids to camp, Our Kids will donate $1.00 on behalf of each attending person.

Date and Location

Sunday, February 22, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Roy Thomson Hall: 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto, ON
Pre-register for FREE admission valid for a family of four at
For additional information, please contact 1-877-272-1845 or

“The Inconvient Indian” – By Thomas King

Posted on March 19, 2013 by CCA Communications Committee

Thomas King’s  humorous, insightful and at times disturbing book, The Inconvient Indian, defines “Dead Indians” as, “the stereotypes and clichés that North America has conjured up out of experience and out of its collective imaginings and fears…war bonnets, beaded shirts, fringed deerskin dresses, loincloths, headbands, feathered lances, tomahawks, moccasins, face paint and bone chokers.”

King continues, “When we dance, when we sing at the drum, when we perform ceremonies, we are not doing it for North America’s entertainment  …we [Live Indians] do these things to remind ourselves of  who we are, to remind ourselves of where we come from, and to remind ourselves of our relationship with the earth…Land has always been a defining element of Aboriginal culture.  It provides water, air, shelter, and food.  Land participates in the ceremonies and songs.  And land is home…A great many Native people have a long-standing relationship with the natural world.  But that relationship is equally available to non-Natives.”  We don’t need to throw out the trappings, but this is the lesson we need to share with our campers.

King’s book helps us to understand and challenges us to confront the uncomfortable and urgent reality of native peoples today.

For those in the Toronto area, Kids in Camp Charity is hosting a fundraising event on Tuesday April 9, 2013.  After dinner, The Hon. Dr. Carolyn Bennett, P.C., M.D., will introduce Steve Paikin of TVO in conversation with Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, Ph.D., Vice Provost (Aboriginal Initiatives) at Lakehead University about “Sharing Our Canadian Roots.”