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Camp Research Project: Purpose, Findings and Practical Applications

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Dr. Stephen Fine

The Canadian Camping Association, as a federation of camps across the country, is experiencing a variety of challenges: rising costs, shrinking youth market share, increased government scrutiny and regulation, and risk management issues.

Validated research is a powerful instrument for addressing and protecting this common interest because today more than ever before there is a vital need to back up our claims with evidence based research.

We now possess authoritative confirmation of our industry’s value through the findings of the CCA/ University of Waterloo (UW) “Canadian Summer Camp Research Project.” The next steps are to now effectively broadcast this information,  keep it in the public view, and to put it to practical purposes.

The research proved that camp provides development in five key areas:

Canada Kids Camps Research Benefits Development

Additionally, in the survey of over 1400 parents from across Canada, the overwhelming (or statistically significant) response was that lessons learned at camp successfully transfer from the camp environment to home, school and neighbourhood settings. Parents reported that they saw either a change for the better or an enhanced and continuing positive attitude in their children.

We do not intend to allow this study to languish. So, this is what we are now doing in order to assist you as camp professionals:

  1. The first resource soon to be available to camp directors and administrators will be a series of briefing papers. These are short, concise overviews of the findings related to each of the key development areas. These will offer insight to parents as to what outcomes a camp experience can reasonably provide for their child.
  2. The second resource will be information packages that will be of use to provincial camping associations or camps themselves. Individually keyed toward the purposes of public awareness, government lobbying, or the seeking of funding or sponsorship. These will be based on the CCA’s proven camp benefits backed up with findings from comparable research studies.
  3. In the longer run, staff training initiatives and program development based on CCA/UW research findings will be piloted at CCA camps in an effort to provide elements of intentionality to existing programs.

Honouring Dr. Troy Glover

Posted on December 9, 2013 by Mike Stewart

At the recent National Leadership Forum of camping professionals from across Canada, CCA presented Dr. Troy Glover, Associate Professor, Director of the Healthy Communities Research Network, University of Waterloo, with the Jack Pearse Award of Honour.

Dr. Glover directed the six-year study, the Canadian Summer Camp Research Project, which proves the great benefits of camp for children and youth. In the final phase of the research, parents confirmed that the proven benefits extend beyond camp.

For a complete report of the study, please click here.

Dr. Stephen Fine, CCA Research Chair, discusses the findings in this ACA article.

Seven Recipients of CCA Awards

Posted on September 23, 2013 by CCA Communications Committee

We are proud to announce the recipients of two significant awards presented by the CCA for the 2012 season.

Please consider nominating a deserving camping leader in your province to receive a CCA 2013 Award. Any member of CCA, including individuals, may submit an online nomination by the October 31, 2013 deadline.

Jack Pearse Award of Honour

For Outstanding Service to the National Organization

Dr. Troy Glover, Associate Professor, Director of the Healthy Communities Research Network, University of Waterloo, directed the six-year study, The Canadian Summer Camp Research Project, which proved the great benefits of camp for children and youth. The results of this lengthy research give credence to the camping industry.

For many years, Brian Ward Hall of BackCheck educated and worked with camping leaders and financially supported the camping industry.

Harry Edwards (left) CCA President, Brian Ward-Hall (centre) Director of Sales-Specialty Market, Stephen Dinesen (right) Senior Vice President, BackCheck

CCA Award of Excellence

For outstanding contributions within a province

For over twenty years, Kim Scherger, past Board member of the Manitoba Camping Association, has served as Executive Director of Luther Village with passion and commitment. Under her capable leadership the camp has grown while she has mentored countless campers, staff and volunteers.

Kim Coursey has been on the staff of Red Rock Camp since 1979; he is currently the Executive Director. Kim has served on the Board of Christian Camping International and has served the Manitoba Camping Association in many capacities.

Since 1988, Directors Lyle and Beverley Beswitherick have devoted their lives to Circle Square Ranch in Austin, Manitoba. As a dynamic team, they have improved the camp and served the campers and staff with love, care and compassion. They have served on the Manitoba Camping Association Board of Directors and in other capacities related to the Standards and Accreditation program, and the Sunshine Fund.

In 1976, Arthur Lowen and friend, Dave Griffin, shared a vision of bringing together the leaders of the Christian Camps in British Columbia. What began with a conference in 1977 developed into the founding of the Fellowship of Christian Camps of British Columbia in 1997 and annual conferences since the first one in 1977. Since 1997, Arthur, now a retired high school mathematics teacher, has served on the executive of the Fellowship of Christian Camps of BC as well as several other camp boards.

Harry Edwards (left) CCA President, Arthur Lowen (centre), Pam Chater (right) BC Provincial Rep