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Call for Nominations – CCA President

Posted on April 13, 2018 by CCA Communications Committee

The Canadian Camping Association is seeking nominees to be considered for President of the CCA Board of Directors.

Please review the Call for Nomination for more details about this exciting leadership opportunity.

Nominations must be received no later than April 30, 2018.


CCA Builds Bridges not Walls

Posted on November 21, 2016 by Catherine Ross

On the day of and the day prior to the US Presidential election, the sixth annual National Leadership Forum of eighteen camping leaders convened at Camp Tawingo in Huntsville, Ontario.

Stephane Richard (CCA President-Elect), Jill Dundas (CCA President), and Harry Edwards (Past President) at the National Leadership Forum.

Stephane Richard (CCA President-Elect), Jill Dundas (CCA President), and Harry Edwards (Past President) at the National Leadership Forum.

Following Trump’s election, we witnessed protest marches on both sides of the US. On the contrary, guided through a packed agenda by CCA President Elect, Stephane Richard, we departed to our separate provinces committed to build bridges not walls and launch several, exciting, national initiatives.

Despite the limited time and the temptation to be outside by the lake in the glorious November sunshine rather than inside at a board table, we accomplished much:

  • We reviewed the provincial reports, and identified common themes and challenges.
  • We heard presentations from two potential partners: one to reduce the overwhelming paperwork load for camp administrators onboarding staff and a second to reduce the risk and increase the safety of campers with allergies.
  • We agreed to nurture our ongoing partnerships with Foodbuy, Sterling BackCheck, ChariTree and the Roberta Bondar Foundation.
  • In 2017, we will launch two new programs: CCA Connects, a program to gather national camping data, and a National Marketing Campaign.
  • Jeff Willis of British Columbia challenged us to become allies of the indigenous peoples. We committed to a future round table discussion to explore ways to connect with indigenous campers.
  • We learned that twenty camp leaders, both national and international, would participate in the International Camp Directors Course immediately following the Forum.
  • We learned about the many research projects now underway that will increase the knowledge of our industry and help us to improve the experience for our campers.
  • Skip Connett, Chair of the Insurance Committee, informed us that property damage caused by weather conditions played a large role in insurance claims. He mentioned that if marijuana becomes legal, directors will need to consider re-wording camp policies.
  • We confirmed our ongoing commitment to lobby governments on issues that impact camps.

President Jill Dundas has kept us on track for the past three years as we began to implement the vision identified for CCA. Thank you, Jill!

The Board Members, Committee Chairs, Provincial Presidents and Executive Directors departed from the 6th National Leadership Forum united and willing to give Stephane Richard their full co-operation and commitment when he begins in January 2017 to lead us to realize our ambitious dream for CCA. Good luck, Stephane!

Announcing CCA President Elect

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Catherine Ross

CCA President Stephane Richard

CCA President Elect Stephane Richard

At the recent National Leadership Forum in Quebec held in November 2015, the CCA Board elected Stephane Richard as President Elect to assume the role of CCA President in January 2017.

Stephane is the Director Camps and Youth Programs for the Canadian Diabetes Association.  He is the Past President of the New Brunswick Camping Association and for several years has worked on the CCA Board.  Currently serving on the CCA Board as the Chair of the Database Task Force, Stephane has been working with the International Camping Fellowship to develop a much needed national database program for Canadian camps.  Given his many contributions in the past and his ongoing commitment to Canadian camping, we can be confident that CCA will continue to thrive under the capable leadership of Stephane Richard.

Together We Are Stronger

Posted on December 1, 2015 by Catherine Ross

Canadian Camping Association National Leadership Forum November 2015

Delegates to the National Leadership Forum gathered in Bromont, QC in November 2015

In November 16, 2015, twenty six leaders in Canadian Camping including CCA Board Members, Provincial Representatives and Committee Chairs, Executive Directors and Provincial Presidents gathered at Chateau Bromont, Quebec. John Jorgenson, President of the International Camping Fellowship, opened with an inspiring message which concluded: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.  Quebec presented three new programs, which we hope to share soon with the rest of the country:

  • Shape Up, a program designed to help summer camps incorporate healthy habits.
  • Sentinel, a computerized platform to assess a camp’s financial health
  • A complete tool kit for the integration of special needs campers.

Call for Nominations for CCA President

Posted on March 16, 2015 by CCA Communications Committee

Harry Edwards, Past President of the Canadian Camping Association, invites nominations for the September 2015 election of the next CCA President.

Jill Dundas’s two year term ends December 31, 2015.

Deadline for nominations is April 30, 2015.

Please contact Harry at

CCA leaders determine three priorities at November 2014 National Leadership Forum

Posted on January 11, 2015 by Catherine Ross

On November 17 and 18, 2014, twenty-nine Canadian camping leaders met for the National Leadership Forum at the Toronto Airport Holiday Inn. The participants included the CCA Board, Provincial Presidents, Executive Directors and National Committee and Task Force Chairs.

On the second day, after hearing reports from every province and committee the participants focused on three priorities: marketing, education and lobbying.


Chair, Liz Kovach (Executive Director for Manitoba) with assistance from Gabrielle Raille (ICF Representative) of Quebec will form a task force of provincial representatives to develop a National Marketing Campaign. Before seeking professional input, they will begin by answering two questions:

  1. What is the message?
  2. Who is our target group?


John Savage (CCA Board Representative for New Brunswick) with assistance from Sean Day (CCA Board Representative from Quebec) is committed to hosting a Canadian Camp Directors Course in New Brunswick in the Fall of 2015 with leadership from Jane McCutcheon (former CCA Treasurer) and Jeff Bradshaw (Camp Wenonah).


Currently, Mark Diamond (Director of Camp Manitou, Ontario) is the Chair of the CCA Lobbying Committee, which was established in the Spring of 2014 to address pending federal legislation affecting camps. Jill Dundas (CCA President) and Jonathan Nyquist (CCA Board Representative for Ontario) are members. The intention is to expand the committee to include a representative from every province to act as a watch dog for pending legislation affecting their camps and disseminate relevant information to their camps.

Earlier efforts, which were focused on Transport Canada legislation, were successful in negotiating a camp-specific course for camp boat drivers that is less onerous than the Small Vessel Operator Proficiency. Decisions are being made on how and by whom this course will be delivered to camps for summer 2015. Work is ongoing on insurance requirements for camp boats.

Attention then focused on Foreign Workers Legislation. The hope is for current exemptions for charitable and religious camps to continue while gaining an exemption for all camps. CCA is budgeting to cover all costs of lobbying on national legislation pertaining to camps.

Notice of 2013 CCA AGM

Posted on March 19, 2014 by CCA Communications Committee


An Unprecedented Collaboration of Canadian Camping Leaders

Posted on February 3, 2014 by Catherine Ross

Canadian Camping Association National Leadership ForumIn November, 27 leaders in Canadian camping including Provincial Presidents, Executive Directors and representatives of every province met in Toronto for the third National Leadership Forum.

Facilitated by Jill Dundas, CCA President Elect, this capable and committed group collaborated to frame the future direction for the Canadian Camping Association.

The gathering began with a report on the status of current programs and a commitment to continue to provide current services: CCA Insurance, tree planting, the Roberta Bondar Challenge, BackCheck, Awards Program, Research, and website, Facebook and Twitter communications.

The participants then drafted an ambitious plan to support the camping industry with several exciting new initiatives:

  • Creating a national database of Canadian camps
  • Collaborating with the University of Dalhousie on a research project to study camper resilience
  • Establishing a CCA lobby/advocacy committee to work directly with a government relations firm to produce a semi-annual audit of federal and provincial legislation affecting camps
  • Developing a comprehensive communications strategy
  • Planning a national conference for 2016
  • Gathering statistical information annually through the provincial membership renewal process for marketing and lobbying.

The CCA Board is charged with finding the volunteers and financial resources to implement these programs.

We want to hear your comments, suggestions and/or offers of assistance! Please feel free to contact Jill Dundas, and be part of the exciting future for Canadian camping! You can reach Jill by email at

Introducing Jill Dundas, CCA President-Elect

Posted on May 20, 2013 by CCA Communications Committee

Jill Dundas, CCA President-Elect

At the April meeting in Edmonton, the CCA Board approved Jill Dundas’s nomination as CCA President Elect.

Jill, the Executive Director of the Girl Guides of Canada-Ontario Council, is highly qualified to assume this two year role as President, which commences on January 1, 2014. Presently she is the Treasurer for the International Camping Fellowship. Her many years as a volunteer for the Ontario Camps Association earned her OCA’s highest honour, the Dorothy Walter Award of Excellence. Formerly the Director of Doe Lake Girl Guide Camp, Jill continues to enjoy working with committed volunteers through many camp-related projects at the international, national and provincial levels.

As Chair of the CCA Visioning Task Group, Jill is knowledgeable and committed to the future directions for the national association. It is her intent “to continue to work forward on the placement of the national organization within the overall camping industry. This would include the continuation of research to define our industry to the families across Canada, consideration of a ‘camping’ awareness campaign that partners with PCA or individual camp specific campaigns [and] initiatives that benefit camps across the nation.”

In November, Jill will chair the third National Leadership Forum, a meeting of the CCA Board, provincial presidents and provincial executive directors. The purpose is to ensure that annual input is received and a collective direction of movement is defined for the camping industry. This will result in appropriate use of resources across the county and regardless of size, PCAs can be supported to work with their members.

The current CCA Board looks forward to working with Jill.

Your CCA Board of Directors

CCA Board (l-r): Harry Edwards, President; Stephane Richard, NB; Jonathan Nyquist, ON; Donna Wilkinson, SK; Jeff Bradshaw, Past President; Catherine Ross, Communications Officer; Jill Dundas, President Elect; Kathy Koehler, AB
Absent: Pam Chater, BC; Tanya Desrochers, QC; Jane McCutcheon, Treasurer; Roxy Peterson, NS; Malcolm Turner, NFLD; Bob Wiebe, MB