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Important Message from BackCheck

Posted on November 14, 2017 by CCA Communications Committee

Hello CCA Members,

As another camping season has come to a close, we’d like to sincerely thank you for your business. We value our relationship and look forward to assisting you in new ways in the coming year.
In addition to our criminal record check (myBackCheck), we also offer other services:

  • E-PIC: Enhanced Police Information Check. Easy on-line process, 24-hour turnaround time.
  • Credit Check with Identity Crosscheck
  • Education / Credentials / Professional Designation Verification
  • Employment Verifications
  • References
  • International Screening
  • Driver Screening: Driver Abstract and Driver License Verification
  • International Criminal Record Checks

Driver Screening

As transporting campers can be a responsibility for some of your employees, appropriate Driver Screening would be recommended for those individuals:

Sterling Talent Solutions’ Driver Abstract (DA) allows clients that hire drivers to determine if their candidate has a clean driving record or if he or she has been caught speeding, neglecting the Highway Act, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or otherwise has any convictions, suspensions, or prohibitions on his or her license. Sterling Talent Solutions’ DA service does not provide clients with information pertaining to accidents, correspondence, plate history, or vehicle history. Turnaround time: 1 – 10 business days depending upon province (Quebec has a longer TAT).

Sterling Talent Solutions’ Driver’s License Verification (DLV) allows clients to verify that their candidate holds a valid driver’s license. Although similar to Sterling Talent Solutions’ Driver Abstract service, the DLV is less detailed and has a turnaround time of 24 hours.

International Criminal Record Checks

For employees or volunteers that are new to Canada best practice would include a criminal record check in their country of origin. Sterling Talent Solutions offers criminal record checks in 196 different countries. The turnaround time and fee varies by country. Please contact your account manager for country specific details.

To set up a new account or request additional information please contact Linda Ferens:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 1-866-999-6133 / 204-999-0912

Sterling Talent Solutions Ready to Assist

Posted on March 13, 2017 by CCA Communications Committee

In 2006 we entered into a partnership with Sterling Talent Solutions (myBackCheck) to provide camps across Canada with a convenient, secure and timely solution for completing criminal record checks. Over the years camp directors have relied upon myBackCheck to assist them in hiring the best camp staff. These checks are completed on-line with results direct to the authorized camp administrator within 24 hours.

Sterling Talent Solutions donates $2.00 to the CCA for every paid request performed for any member camp. In turn, the CCA returns $1.00 to the Provincial Camping Association for every check submitted from the province. Sterling Talent Solutions has processed thousands of requests for Canadian camps.

Linda Ferens is the dedicated myBackCheck representative for CCA members. If your camp would like to utilize this service or request additional information please reach out to Linda directly at:

SterlingBackcheck Expands Service with New Positions of Trust Check

Posted on October 27, 2014 by Catherine Ross

Rod Piukkala is Vice President with SterlingBackCheck. He introduces the new Position of Trust Check (PTC) program for those camps requiring vulnerable sector checks in his letter below.


SterlingBackcheck_Logo-01Transparent - CopyFinally, a solution to meet your often unmet needs…another SterlingBackCheck industry innovation!

SterlingBackcheck announces a holistic alternative for those employers and organizations who currently utilise or require Vulnerable Sector Checks for applicable staff and volunteer positions. This information is also important for individuals who lead or volunteer their time in the community and the organisation requires a Vulnerable Sector Check.

Please see the attached quick read collateral pieces and the program highlights below.

Position of Trust Check (PTC) highlights :

  • Results mirror the same three part check provided by Local Police Services (Our Canadian Criminal Record Check and E-PIC checks are completed in 1 business day or less, which enables “clear” individuals to continue in the process allowing you the option to await the PardonCheck processes).
  • Built to process clear individuals quickly – while slowing the process and raising a flag in the case of potentially problematic applicants significantly improving on-boarding times for a high percentage of clear applicants
  • Eliminates potential risk of police department paper document alteration / forgery
  • SterlingBackCheck will not charge your Company or Organization for positive “PardonCheck hits”, applicants are referred to their local police service if we are unable to complete
  • Eliminates applicant travel (cost and time)….all Online
  • No fingerprint requirements for the Position of Trust query
  • Human Rights and Privacy Act compliant process
  • Verifiable and reusable certificates available (results from a work related PTC may be re-used in the volunteer community and vice-versa)
  • Services delivered by SterlingBackCheck in co-operation with our Canadian Police Service partner(s) and DIRECTLY with the Parole Board of Canada.
  • Consistent process, consistent pricing, and consistent results
  • Position of Trust check is required once in a lifetime…
    Where your organisation utilises ongoing Canadian Criminal Record Checks and E-PIC (max. every three years) – individuals should never require another Position of Trust Check in the future. This makes “renewal” with a CCRC/E-PIC check (only) much more convenient, lower cost and very fast!

To discuss specific applications and circumstances please contact me directly via email or phone . We can NOW meet all your needs with a customized process. This service can bring order to the chaos you may be facing!

Please call me and we can discuss in greater detail.

All the best,


Phone: (647) 981 5133

BackCheck Webinar on Vulnerable Sector Checks

Posted on April 25, 2014 by CCA Communications Committee

Screening for the Vulnerable Sector: Solutions to Backlogs and Frustrations
May 1, 2014 – 2:00pm EST

Along with a much-publicized backlog, there is growing confusion and misconception surrounding Vulnerable Sector Checks (VSCs) and their requirements. Do you really need a VSC? Are there other options available that provide similar or superior information on your candidates?

BackCheck invites you to join Chuck Walker (Senior Advisor – Public Safety Information Management) and Rod Piukkala (VP, Police Service Technologies), both former senior police executives, for a panel discussion on Screening for positions within the Vulnerable Sector. During this webinar, the panel will provide answers and insight to many common questions:

  • What types of Criminal Record Checks and results are available in Canada?
  • What exactly does a Vulnerable Sector Check include and what does it miss?
  • Who needs a Vulnerable Sector Check?
  • What is the Pardon Sex Offender Database?
  • What are Local Police Information (LPI) Checks?
  • What are the alternatives to Vulnerable Sector Checks?

This webinar offers 1 CPD Hour Credit towards recertification.

Register now to become the Vulnerable Sector expert for your organization

BackCheck Announces an Enhanced Police Information Check for CCA Members

Posted on April 16, 2014 by Mike Stewart

BackCheck.caAll CCA members using the BackCheck service will now receive at their same price, an expanded BackCheck product, which includes the usual Criminal Record Check and in addition, the newly enhanced Local Police Information (LPI) results. This is the most comprehensive check ever delivered by BackCheck.

Rod Piukkala is BackCheck’s representative for Canadian camps. You can reach him by phone (647 981 5133) or email (

For more information, please download this information sheet on the Enhanced Police Information Check.

Hiring Yet?

Posted on January 13, 2014 by Catherine Ross

Selecting a great staff for the 2014 camping season is a time-consuming process from posting the job to signing the contract. BackCheck is ready to help!

During the 2013 season, BackCheck processed over 2300 police checks for camps across Canada with a “clear” result reported in all but seven applications. Your documented due diligence with onboarding staff and volunteers is significantly enhanced by the best practice of completing background checks.

For full information, please click here or visit

For questions please contact Rod Piukkala (BackCheck’s CCA representative) at

Job Board

Please note that by request, we will post full-time camping positions in the Camp Careers section of the CCA website. This is a great resource for camps seeking qualified full-time camp employees, AND for individuals interested in a career in camping.

Seven Recipients of CCA Awards

Posted on September 23, 2013 by CCA Communications Committee

We are proud to announce the recipients of two significant awards presented by the CCA for the 2012 season.

Please consider nominating a deserving camping leader in your province to receive a CCA 2013 Award. Any member of CCA, including individuals, may submit an online nomination by the October 31, 2013 deadline.

Jack Pearse Award of Honour

For Outstanding Service to the National Organization

Dr. Troy Glover, Associate Professor, Director of the Healthy Communities Research Network, University of Waterloo, directed the six-year study, The Canadian Summer Camp Research Project, which proved the great benefits of camp for children and youth. The results of this lengthy research give credence to the camping industry.

For many years, Brian Ward Hall of BackCheck educated and worked with camping leaders and financially supported the camping industry.

Harry Edwards (left) CCA President, Brian Ward-Hall (centre) Director of Sales-Specialty Market, Stephen Dinesen (right) Senior Vice President, BackCheck

CCA Award of Excellence

For outstanding contributions within a province

For over twenty years, Kim Scherger, past Board member of the Manitoba Camping Association, has served as Executive Director of Luther Village with passion and commitment. Under her capable leadership the camp has grown while she has mentored countless campers, staff and volunteers.

Kim Coursey has been on the staff of Red Rock Camp since 1979; he is currently the Executive Director. Kim has served on the Board of Christian Camping International and has served the Manitoba Camping Association in many capacities.

Since 1988, Directors Lyle and Beverley Beswitherick have devoted their lives to Circle Square Ranch in Austin, Manitoba. As a dynamic team, they have improved the camp and served the campers and staff with love, care and compassion. They have served on the Manitoba Camping Association Board of Directors and in other capacities related to the Standards and Accreditation program, and the Sunshine Fund.

In 1976, Arthur Lowen and friend, Dave Griffin, shared a vision of bringing together the leaders of the Christian Camps in British Columbia. What began with a conference in 1977 developed into the founding of the Fellowship of Christian Camps of British Columbia in 1997 and annual conferences since the first one in 1977. Since 1997, Arthur, now a retired high school mathematics teacher, has served on the executive of the Fellowship of Christian Camps of BC as well as several other camp boards.

Harry Edwards (left) CCA President, Arthur Lowen (centre), Pam Chater (right) BC Provincial Rep

Let BackCheck Lighten Your Load!

Posted on May 7, 2013 by Catherine Ross

BackCheck.caAre you confused about the need or process for Criminal Record Checks (CRC) and Vulnerable Sector Searches (VSS)?

Contact CCA’s new liaise, Rod Piukkala, of BackCheck, is CCA’s new liaise and is available to answer your questions. You can contact Rod by email ( or phone (647-981-5133).

For more information about the BackCheck program, please click here.

It’s That Time Again!

Posted on February 19, 2013 by CCA Communications Committee

Criminal Record Checks (CRC) are part of the hiring / screening process in the camping industry.

BackCheck - background service checks for summer camps - Canadian Camping AssociationThe question most Camp employers are asking is, “What type of Canadian CRC should be performed on a prospective volunteer / paid staff applicant?”

To better understand the types of CRC services available, and which one to use for the hiring / screening process, presently the most common Canadian Criminal Record Check (CRC) being performed in the camping industry is either a CRC through the CPIC database, or a CRC that includes a Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS):

Name Based CRC: – A search (through the CPIC database) for all non-pardoned convictions, including those of a sexual nature. As per the recently released RCMP Policy, a name based CRC can be performed through an accredited third party company (such as BackCheck) or the local police service where the applicant resides. BackCheck queries the same data base as police services, using Canadian POLICE SERVICES operating within terms of an MOU signed by the police service, BackCheck and the RCMP.

Name Based CRC with VSS – consists of the following:
– Name Based CRC – A search for all non-pardoned convictions, including those of a sexual nature
– Pardoned Sex Offence Query – A search for any pardoned convictions of a sexual nature
– Local Police Indices – Search of local police notes

Presently, BackCheck can do:
– A CRC that covers all non pardoned convictions, including those of a sexual nature
– Local Police Information of non charges or convictions (Through the FIP database)
– Confirmation of details of convictions as listed by the applicant on our consent form

The question needed answered is ““What type of CRC should be performed on a prospective volunteer / paid staff applicant?”

The answer is: either, depending on the age of the applicant, or if a renewal CRC is being performed. In other words, not all applicants will require a CRC with a VSS.

Some Insurance providers (including Nancy Brown Insurance) have made concessions to their clients requiring a Criminal Record Check with a VSS.

What does this mean? A check of the Pardoned Sexual Offender Database (VSS) is not necessary on any individual under the age of 25, or , on people 25 years and older who have previously had a VSS done in the last 5 years for that position and is having another CRC done. Only people 25 years and older who are a) having a CRC done for the first time, or b) their last one done is older than 5 years, will need to go to their local police department to have a CRC with a VSS done. (As per the RCMP CPIC Policy, a CRC with VSS is to only be performed by the local police service that is located in the same jurisdiction in which the applicant presently resides.) The youngest person within the Pardoned Sex Offender data base is 26 years of age so there is no reason to experience the delays and potential fingerprinting associated to a VSS when the CRC and a FIP search returns those components. They are not a pardoned sex offender.

We suggest the following recommendations regarding performing Criminal Record Checks on applicants going forward:

– For all applicants between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age, you can order a CRC (includes local police information search) via BackCheck – BackCheck’s local police information search queries all police service local records systems for serious offences.
Alternatively, you could have the applicant attend their local police service.

– For applicants 25 years old or older that have had a VSS performed in that position and on file at your organization in the past 5 years, you can use the CRC and local police information search via BackCheck.

Alternatively, you could have the applicant attend their local police service.
– The above option is due to the fact that if a previous CRC with a VSS has been done in the last 5 years and the results were “clear” a check of the Pardoned Sexual Offender Database is not necessary. Even if the applicant has any convictions since the last CRC/VSS was performed, the person in this instance would have to wait a minimum number of years from the date of conviction to the date of receiving a pardon, if in fact granted.

For applicants 25 years old or older that have not had a criminal record check or VSS done by your organization in the past 5 years – please have the applicant attend their local police service, where they presently reside to receive a CRC that includes a VSS.

Please Note: When using BackCheck, an accredited and authorized Canadian Police Service contracted by BackCheck will complete the actual record checks.

In summary, you can have a name based CRC done by either a third party (such as BackCheck – which also will perform a local police information search) or, the applicant’s local police service.

To have a CRC with VSS performed, the applicant needs to attend the local police service where the applicant resides presently .

Please check with your insurance company if they will accept a CRC without a VSS under the above recommendations.

The above recommendations are similarly being used and recommended by Insurance providers , such as Nancy Brown Insurance, Robertson Hall Insurance, companies and organizations, such as Ontario Education Services Corporation, and Winning Kids Inc. (the company behind Plan To Protect).

The benefits of using BackCheck’s paperless online Criminal Record Check process is:

– Paperless online format
– Both the organization and the candidate receive the results via a secure, online account
– The candidate may conveniently complete ID Verification online or via Canada Post at one of 5000 participating locations
– The candidate maintains a copy of their Criminal Record Check, which they may share free of charge with other organizations.
– Guaranteed next business day turnaround time in viewing results.
– Forgery-proof online delivery system prevents digital manipulation of records.
– Flexible payment options allow payment by the candidate or organization.
– Results determined by our police partners using the RCMP CPIC database.
– Compliant with Canadian privacy and Human Rights legislation.
– Donation by BackCheck to the Canadian Camping Association for every CRC performed
– Recommended by and a member of CCA since 2006

Please contact Rod Piukkala of Backcheck at 647-981-5133 or for more information or to start using BackCheck’s Criminal Record Check service.

– Submitted by Brian Ward-Hall, BackCheck

BackCheck and TELUS, a Winning Partnership!

Posted on January 15, 2013 by Catherine Ross

By Catherine Ross, Communications Officer

BackCheck - background service checks for summer camps - Canadian Camping AssociationIn 2012, BackCheck processed a total of 3,072 criminal record checks (CRC) for 128 camps and camping associations across the country.  This volume represents an increase of 485 checks over 2011.  Of the total, 4.5% were deemed “not clear”, which speaks to the gravity of this important step in a camp’s hiring process.

Not only does BackCheck provide a necessary, efficient, paperless, economical service to our camps, BackCheck also contributes $2.00 for every CRC submitted back to CCA/ACC to help us do our work.  In turn CCA/ACC contributes $1.00 back to the provincial camping associations for each check originating in their province.   Everybody gains!

This year, we have even more to celebrate.  Thanks to the efforts of Brian Ward-Hall, the CCA/ACC Account Executive at BackCheck, BackCheck forged a partnership with TELUS. TELUS contributes $5.00 to each provincial camping  association for every BackCheck CRC originating in their province.  The total amount is designated to send children with disabilities or financial need to camp.  TELUS’s generous contribution of $15,360 from 2012 will send hundreds of campers to Canadian camps in 2013.  We are grateful to BackCheck and TELUS for their generous support in 2012 totaling $21,504 in providing the means for many more children to benefit from a great Canadian camp experience.

Giving a child the gift of a camp experience begins with a camp choosing to use the services of BackCheck. Contact Brian Ward-Hall as you begin the 2013 staff hiring process.  You will be well served and a new camper will be smiling!