SterlingBackcheck Expands Service with New Positions of Trust Check

Posted on October 27, 2014 by Catherine Ross

Rod Piukkala is Vice President with SterlingBackCheck. He introduces the new Position of Trust Check (PTC) program for those camps requiring vulnerable sector checks in his letter below.


SterlingBackcheck_Logo-01Transparent - CopyFinally, a solution to meet your often unmet needs…another SterlingBackCheck industry innovation!

SterlingBackcheck announces a holistic alternative for those employers and organizations who currently utilise or require Vulnerable Sector Checks for applicable staff and volunteer positions. This information is also important for individuals who lead or volunteer their time in the community and the organisation requires a Vulnerable Sector Check.

Please see the attached quick read collateral pieces and the program highlights below.

Position of Trust Check (PTC) highlights :

  • Results mirror the same three part check provided by Local Police Services (Our Canadian Criminal Record Check and E-PIC checks are completed in 1 business day or less, which enables “clear” individuals to continue in the process allowing you the option to await the PardonCheck processes).
  • Built to process clear individuals quickly – while slowing the process and raising a flag in the case of potentially problematic applicants significantly improving on-boarding times for a high percentage of clear applicants
  • Eliminates potential risk of police department paper document alteration / forgery
  • SterlingBackCheck will not charge your Company or Organization for positive “PardonCheck hits”, applicants are referred to their local police service if we are unable to complete
  • Eliminates applicant travel (cost and time)….all Online
  • No fingerprint requirements for the Position of Trust query
  • Human Rights and Privacy Act compliant process
  • Verifiable and reusable certificates available (results from a work related PTC may be re-used in the volunteer community and vice-versa)
  • Services delivered by SterlingBackCheck in co-operation with our Canadian Police Service partner(s) and DIRECTLY with the Parole Board of Canada.
  • Consistent process, consistent pricing, and consistent results
  • Position of Trust check is required once in a lifetime…
    Where your organisation utilises ongoing Canadian Criminal Record Checks and E-PIC (max. every three years) – individuals should never require another Position of Trust Check in the future. This makes “renewal” with a CCRC/E-PIC check (only) much more convenient, lower cost and very fast!

To discuss specific applications and circumstances please contact me directly via email or phone . We can NOW meet all your needs with a customized process. This service can bring order to the chaos you may be facing!

Please call me and we can discuss in greater detail.

All the best,


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