[:en]Briefing Papers[:]

[:en]The CCA wants to help camp professionals remain current on research that may affect camp programs and/or practices, be helpful with grant applications, or provide key messages on the importance of the camp experience.

“Briefing Papers” are short summaries of current research on a particular topic. They provide key findings from camp related research as well as research from other related fields such as sociology, psychology, social work, health sciences, and recreation. A bibliography is included for each topic for further followup.

The Research Committee continues to develop and update these resources and welcomes additional contributions! If interested, please contact: Stephen Fine at sfine@alumni.utoronto.ca.

Fine, Stephen. Emotional Intelligence and Summer Camp.

Laing, Catherine. Delivering Care to Children and Families with Childhood Cancer.

Murphy, Joel. Religious Summer Camp Programs to Bridge Civic and Religious Development.

Polivatis, Victoria. Smartphone-free Summer Camp. 

Straver, Jennifer. Returning Year After Year: The Motivation and Retention of Coaches at Madawaska Volleyball Camp.[:]