Reduce Your Camp’s Food Budget by 14%!

Posted on March 23, 2015 by CCA Communications Committee

vegetables-573961_1920Harry Edwards, Past President of CCA and Executive Director of Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre, British Columbia, is a strong supporter of Foodbuy because, he tells us, they provide great service and save him money. If Harry’s endorsement sparks your interest, contact CCA Foodbuy representative, Brian Laughton ( /

Harry says:

In April of 2014, we made the conscious decision to join the Foodbuy Program and we can only say positive things. Brian Laughton and his team at Foodbuy have been ultra-responsive to any and all requests for help or guidance.

The program has proven to be far more beneficial than we had even hoped. In general, Foodbuy has reduced our food budget by more than 14% in the last 9 months when compared to year over year numbers. In addition to the reduced food cost, I know that we have saved money on other items that are also covered under the Foodbuy program i.e. office supplies, waste management products, etc. the list is extensive.

The bonus items that are clearly marked have netted us several thousand dollars in refund cheques from manufacturers. Cheques are always welcome at camp!

I would highly recommend to any camp whether big or small to have a cost analysis prepared by Foodbuy (it’s free) and I have no doubt that you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost savings potential for your camp.