[:en]International Camping Fellowship Award Nominations[:]

[:en]It’s time to nominate camping programs and individuals that have made significant contributions to the world of camping. Below is a description of the International Camping Fellowship Awards.

Click here for a PDF of the ICF Award Nomination form.  

The Abbott Fenn Druzhba Award

The Abbott Fenn Druzhba Award is a special recognition of an individual, Camp, or Organization, which has made a significant and sustained contribution to International camping.  The award is given to those who spread the benefit of the camp experience to improve world understanding. Click here for past recipients of this award.

The Butterfly Award

The ICF Butterfly Award recognizes an individual, camp or organization that has made significant contributions internationally to the causes of camping (e.g. environmental, humanitarian or educational) over a period of time. Click here for past recipients.

 The ICF Letter of Merit Award

The ICF Letter Award of Merit recognizes a significant contribution made by an individual, camp or organization to the cause of world understanding and peace through camping.

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