Hiring Yet?Avez-vous commencé à embaucher?

Selecting a great staff for the 2014 camping season is a time-consuming process from posting the job to signing the contract. BackCheck is ready to help!

During the 2013 season, BackCheck processed over 2300 police checks for camps across Canada with a “clear” result reported in all but seven applications. Your documented due diligence with onboarding staff and volunteers is significantly enhanced by the best practice of completing background checks.

For full information, please click here or visit www.backcheck.ca.

For questions please contact Rod Piukkala (BackCheck’s CCA representative) at rod@mybackcheck.com.

Job Board

Please note that by request, we will post full-time camping positions in the Camp Careers section of the CCA website. This is a great resource for camps seeking qualified full-time camp employees, AND for individuals interested in a career in camping.De l’affichage des offres d’emploi à la signature des contrats, la mise en place d’une équipe de moniteurs dans laquelle vous pouvez avoir confiance demande beaucoup de temps.

BackCheck peut vous aider à accélérer le processus. Pendant la saison 2013 (du 1er janvier au 28 octobre), BackCheck a traité plus de 2300 vérifications de casier judiciaire. Sept de ces dernières ont relevé des antécédents.

Pour en savoir plus sur les services de BackCheck, consultez la section des membres du site Web de l’ACC, le site Web de BackCheck ou communiquez avec la personne-ressource de l’ACC chez BackCheck, Rod Piukkala.

Offres d’emploi

Veuillez noter qu’en réponse aux demandes de membres, l’ACC publie des offres d’emploi à temps plein dans la section Offres d’emploi sous l’onglet Dirigeants de camp de son site Web.


About Catherine Ross

Catherine's lifelong love of camping began in 1953 when she accompanied her mother, the new camp cook, to Camp Tanamakoon in Algonquin Park. She remained at Tan until 1978 as a camper and in several staff roles. After five years as a teacher, in 1979, Catherine and her husband George purchased Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da for girls in Parry Sound, Ontario which they owned for 20 years. Catherine has served on the Board of the Ontario Camps Association, and is Past President of the Society of Camp Directors. She is served as Communications Officer on the Board of the CCA, as is a recipient of the CCA's Ron Johnstone Lifetime Achievement Award. She is past editor of Camps Canada, published by the CCA, and the OCAsional News, the newsletter of the OCA. She is the author of four publications. Her articles on camping have appeared in numerous magazines.
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