Posted on April 5, 2011 by spreston

Every camp in Canada, including those that planted in summer 2009 and 2010, is invited to plant trees on their property with their campers this summer.  Andrea Koehle Jones, Executive Director of the Charitree Foundation, will arrange delivery of free seedlings to each province.  To learn more about the program check and

By Monday May 2, 2011 please inform your Provincial CCA/ACC Board Representative by email how many trees (from 40 to 800) you will plant with your campers and staff within two weeks of delivery.

British Columbia                        Pam Chater (
Alberta                                      Kathy Koehler (
Saskatchewan                          Donna Wilkinson (
Manitoba                                   Bob Wiebe (
Ontario                                      Dave Graham (
Québec                                      Tanya Desrochers (
New Brunswick                         Stéphane Richard (
Nova Scotia /Prince Edward Island         Roxy Peterson (
Newfoundland and Labrador     Malcolm Turner (

Seedlings in compact packages of 20 seedlings (roots and soil wrapped in plastic) are transported in boxes. Fifteen hundred seedlings easily fit into the trunk of a car. Seedlings can be stored in a cool place for up to two weeks before planting.  The seedlings are sourced in the province and are therefore suitable for growing conditions in that province.

In mid-June, the Charitree Foundation will pay for delivery to one central location in each province  chosen by the provincial representative.  Prior to submitting their order, representatives will confirm this location with all participating camps. Your provincial representative will inform you of the exact delivery date.  Camps will arrange for pick up or delivery of the trees.  CAMPS ARE REPONSIBLE FOR ANY DELIVERY CHARGES BEYOND THE CENTRAL LOCATION.

Each camp confirms the receipt of seedlings through an email to Andrea using a form that will be forwarded by your provincial representative.  It is essential that these forms reach Andrea promptly as they are necessary for her charitable records.

Thousands of campers across the country have experienced the joy and satisfaction of planting their own tree to help save our planet.  This summer, include your campers and together we will make a difference!