(English) Dear Parents & Guardians Alike

Posté le 21 octobre 2014 par Tamsin Andrews

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Staff Member at Long Bay Camp
Tamsin was born and raised a camp kid. She currently spends her summers working at Long Bay Camp in Westport, ON.

Tamsin wrote to us:

“With my grandparents running a camp, my mother working at camp, and my brother and I attending camp since the age of seven, the melody of camp has been ingrained in me for years. Camp is what inspires my writing, what treads my tongue in conversations, and what decorates my walls with pictures and my arms with bracelets.

This piece is inspired by the dozens of times I hear my friends reply at the end of my camp stories with a wish of having gone to camp. I want people to read this letter, to fall in love with the idea of camp, and think about sending their kids to a camp somewhere in the world.”