Posted on November 8, 2011 by spreston

Participants at the first, pilot National Leadership Forum, which met in Halifax on Monday October 17, 2011, were:

First Row (left to right) Jane McCutcheon (Treasurer), Jill Dundas (Visioning Implementation Chair), Kathy Koehler (ACA Rep), Jeff Bradshaw (CCA/ACC President) Second Row: Heather Heagle (Executive Director OCA), Pam Chater (BCCA Rep), Dr. Stephen Fine (Research Chair)
Third Row: Bob Wiebe (MCA Rep), Karen Brake (NLCA Rep), Catherine Ross (Communication Chair), Dave Graham (OCA Rep)
Fourth Row: Bryan Ezako (Executive Director MCA), Stephane Richard (NBCA Rep), Roxy Peterson (CANSPEI Rep), Donnas Wilkinson (Executive Director SCA, SCA Rep), Tanya Desrochers (ACQ Rep),
Back Row: Harry Edwards (Incoming President), Howie Grossinger (OCA President), Eric Beauchemin (Executive Director ACQ)

The National Leadership Forum is a gathering of national camping leaders, which includes the CCA/ACC Executive and the Board of provincial representatives, provincial Executive Directors (currently four) and Provincial Presidents. The vision for this group is to meet annually to learn, network, share resources and advi se the Board on current issues and the need for action. The introduction of this Forum is part of the new structure envisioned for CCA/ACC.

The meeting began with the presentation of provincial reports. It became apparent that several provinces were w orking independently on similar projects. Individuals willingly offered to share resources in key areas: day camp standards, zip line standards, Board Manuals. accessibility reports and membership fee models.

The most exciting news came next on the agenda when Dr. Stephen Fine, Chair of Research for CCA/ACC, unveiled the results of the Canadian Summer Camp Research Project. This five-year research study, in part funded by CCA/ACC, conducted under the leadership of Dr. Troy Glover of Waterloo University, statistically proves what camp directors have always believed – that camps change lives in many positive ways. Full details of this study will be presented in future reports.

All members of the National Leadership Forum joined the CCA/ACC Board, which met on Tuesday October 18, 2011 to review a full year’s work and to look ahead to future plans. We learned that:
– A record 165 camps participated in the National Insurance Program
– The findings of the Healthy Camps Study, a five-year project of the American Camp Association with Canadian participation, have recently been released. Dr. Stephen Fine, CCA/ACC Research Chair, is preparing a summary of relevant information for camp directors, which will be posted in early 2012 on the CCA/ACC Website.
– The Canadian Camp Directors’ Course has been delivered in Ontario and New Brunswick to participants from every province. The next course will be offered in British Columbia in February 2012.
– Over three summers, campers from every province in Canada have planted a total of 30,000 trees. This program will be offered in summer 2012.
– CCA/ACC advocated in the Canoe/Kayak Legislation and the use of our National Parks by camp leaders
– CCA/ACC continues to recognize excellence in camping through the Awards Program
– CCA/ACC continues to work with BackCheck to help make our camps safe places.
– CCA/ACC supported Mary Casey, author of Camp Nursing-Circles of Care.
This book is now available through Volumes Online Publishing
– CCA/ACC has responded to many requests from the media to promote camping to the public.
– CCA/ACC continues to educate and inform our membership through Constant Contact, Facebook and the CCA/ACC Website.

– Written by Catherine Ross, CCA/ACC Communication Chair