[:en]Cross-Country Legislative and Regulatory Survey[:]

[:en]Tactix, a government affairs and public relations company working on behalf of Canadian camps, provided their inaugural legislative and regulatory survey to the Canadian Camping Association (CCA) at the October 20 Board meeting.

This report outlines all publicly known proposed legislation, regulation and government policies which may have an impact on Canadian camp operators. Tactix scanned for new proposed legislation, regulation and policy at the federal and provincial levels.

Read the Canadian Camping Association Cross-Country Legislative and Regulatory Survey.[:]


About Mike Stewart

Mike is Camp Coordinator with Ryerson University Summer Day Camps in Toronto, Ontario. Previously, he worked as Co-Director at Camp Wenonah and as Program Manager at Amici Camping Charity. He has served on the Canadian Camping Association's Communications Committee since 2009, and is also a volunteer with the Ontario Camps Association.
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