Posted on April 19, 2011 by spreston

In 2007, the canoe was named one of the Seven Wonders of Canada via a CBC Radio feature, in which over one million votes were cast. In celebration of this recognition, the Canadian Canoe Museum founded National Canoe Day with the aim of increasing paddle sports in Canada. In 2011, the designated day is Sunday June 26. However, a special day to celebrate canoeing and kayaking could be scheduled for any day in the camp summer season!

You are invited to get involved by co-ordinating then documenting a canoe-related event in your area. Register your event on the Canoe Museum Website and share your participation with a photo, video or blog. A visit to the Website provides suggestions of how participants in the past have celebrated the canoe, a symbol of our Canadian heritage.

The website also provides an activity for campers to have fun while learning about three of the unique craft on display at the museum in Peterborough, Ontario: a kayak from the Hudson Bay area, a dugout from British Columbia and an Ojibway birch bark canoe. You may download a template for campers to make their own model craft from card stock and then float or race their creation.

The Canadian Canoe Museum welcomes members and donors and offers a unique Adopt a Canoe program.