CCA Priorities: Lobbying and Legislation

Posted on March 31, 2014 by CCA Communications Committee

After identifying the awareness of new legislation and government lobbying as priorities at the November 2013 National Leadership Forum, the CCA pleased to announce that it has:

  • Committed $4,000 annually for Global Public Affairs to provide semi-annual audits of federal and provincial legislation affecting camps.
  • Contributed $11,500 to date to assist the Ontario Camps Association with Global Public Affairs fees related to the Transport Canada legislation and will continue to financially support OCA with lobbying related to this national issue.
  • Committed $10,000 to assist OCA to continue working with Transport Canada to develop a camp-specific, shorter, less expensive program to qualify camp boat drivers, a course which would be less onerous than the Small Vessel Operators Proficiency (SOVP).