The CCA Insurance Program for Accredited Camps

Posted on January 26, 2015 by Larry Bell

Canadian Summer Camp InsuranceMany years ago the CCA recognized that many of our camps had a variety of insurance policies which mostly did not properly or adequately cover camp situations and only a very few camps had a policy specifically providing camp coverages. To provide a service to our members and correct what could be a disastrous situation, the CCA established the Insurance Committee made up of experienced camp owners with an interest in proper camp insurance coverage.

The committee was tasked with creating a policy written to be specific to the needs of our camps, would ensure that all accredited Canadian camps could participate and that unless there were extenuating circumstances, no accredited camp would lose coverage because of its claims history. The Insurance Committee responded to this task and since the inception of the Program has monitored and worked closely with our brokers to determine the placement of the policy with quality underwriters and at the best rates.

The Insurance Committee would like Canadian camps to be aware of the many benefits that this program has to offer.

Benefits to CCA/ACC Camps currently:

1.  Our Broker, Nancy Brown, in association with Firstbrook Cassie and Anderson:

  • Understands the concept of the Program and works tirelessly to maintain it
  • Her knowledge of Camping and the Insurance Business is extensive
  • Has and continues to offer sessions at our conferences
  • Is recognized by the Federal Government as the Professional in the field when it comes to issues relating to the camping community
  • Offers advice to Provincial Standards Committees on the issues that need to be addressed to keep our campers safe
  • Is readily there to help any camp deal with accidents, incidents and claims
  • Has allowed our Program to be accessed by sub-brokers so proper camp coverages are available without changing existing broker relationships.

2.  David McKeon is the primary adjuster to the CCA program. Dave has been the adjuster who has dealt with almost every claim in the past 15 years or so made by the camps in this program. He is fully knowledgeable about the business of camps and has made the resolution of claims fast, efficient and fair.

3.  All claims made under this program have been settled or are currently in the process of being settled.

4.  Not one accredited camp has been refused coverage in the program. However some activities not normally accredited can be subject to more aggressive underwriting.

5.  This program has allowed us to have a history that gives insurance companies comfort in dealing with us.

6.  We have the broadest coverage available to camps and because of our excellent history we have realistic and acceptable rates.

7.  We provide coverage for camp properties for periods of the year when they are unoccupied (including snow load) not normally provided under business policies.

8.  Our Policies are truly camp specific. They also help owners and operators of camps to review their risk management procedures and limit their exposures.

9.  The Insurance Committee has on several occasions employed on behalf of CCA an independent insurance consultant to vet both our liability and property coverages and to offer suggestions or improvements to the policies. The Committee is then a major part of the discussion on how to keep our policies current.

For further information about the CCA Insurance Program please click here or contact Broker Nancy Brown at