Campers Plant ‘Wish Trees’

Posted on November 5, 2009 by spreston

Andrea Koehle Jones, Executive Director of Love Trees is a journalist, author, environmental entrepreneur and mother of two children, living on Bowen Island, British Columbia. Her company offers a unique educational tree planting program, which combines Andrea’s two passions: children and the environment. When a child plants a tree, a very meaning and powerful experience, they get to make a wish for the planet. Andrea calls them Wish Trees. Recently, Andrea traveled to Africa to plant trees with the native children. A video of this experience can be viewed on Andrea’s website.

In spring 2009, Love Trees became a member of the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Billion Tree Campaign and Andrea pledged to plant 5,000 trees by December 2009.

As a former Ontario camper, counsellor and program director, on May 24, 2009, Andrea contacted her former director, Catherine Ross, for support. Andrea was willing to deliver tree seedlings, free of charge, to camps that would commit to a planting program involving their campers. The deadline for ordering seedlings was the first week of June.

Given the tight timing, Catherine contacted Jeff Bradshaw, President of CCA/ACC for his help. Together they emailed the information to camps in their immediate areas. In no time, twelve Ontario camps signed on: Ak-O-Mak, Cairn, Glen Bernard, Kahquah, Manitou, McGovern, Mi-A-Kon-Da, URJ Camp George, Tamarack, Tapawingo, Tawingo and Wenonah. Catherine put Andrea in touch with BC President, Hartley Banack, which resulted in Easter Seals Camp Winfield near Kelowna participating in the program.

In late June, Andrea arranged for the delivery of 2300 seedlings to Camp Wenonah, Ontario. These were then quickly distributed to participating camps. Shortly after arriving at camp for the start of the summer season, hundreds of Ontario campers had the pleasure and satisfaction of planting their tree and making a contribution to the environment. In future years, campers will enjoy watching the growth of their trees!

With sincere thanks to Andrea for supplying the seedlings and to all the campers and staff who planted them and helped to make the world a better place.

– Catherine Ross, Communications Officer CCA/ACC