Camp Nursing – Circles of Care is a major revision and expansion of Mary Casey’s 1997 book, Camp Health Care.  Drawing on her many years of nursing administration and other roles in camping in Ontario, Mary’s book is a practical, easy-to-use reference containing principles that are applicable to all health professionals with particular emphasis on the multi-facetted job of the camp nurse.  The content, written from a national perspective, is useful for camps with varying combinations and levels of healthcare staff.

Advances in medical knowledge and technology, legislation to protect safety and privacy and growing public expectations motivated Mary to rewrite her book. This new edition provides camps across the country with up-to-date information to assist them in developing a healthcare program based on high standards executed by health professionals who believe in excellence.

The comprehensive contents include: the role of the camp nurse, first-day health screening, medications, infection control, communicable disease outbreak, crisis planning, campers with special needs, risk management, health records, food service, out-trip health and safety and first aid.

Obtain your copy online at In the search field enter “Casey” and proceed to order.

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