Global CitizenshipLa citoyenneté mondiale

These activities were tested by CCA Research Chair Dr. Stephen Fine in workshops in Canada and the United States, and again at The Hollows Camp before being utilized within the International Camping Fellowship Global Citizenship Research Project.

Dr. Fine says, “I believe these activities are vitally important to youth development and integration into regular camp programs across the country should be encouraged.”

Activity Plans

  • “What is a Global Citizen?” addresses Emotional Intelligence
  • “Why do we fight?” addresses Social Integration and Citizenship
  • “Sustainable Living Board Game” addresses Environmental Awareness
  • “What is Rich?” addresses Personal Development and Self Confidence

Jeu de société d’un mode de vie durable

Qu’est-ce qu’un citoyen du monde?

Qu’est ce que la richesse?

Pourquoi nous battons-nous?