Call for Assistance – Temporary Foreign Workers

Posted on April 24, 2015 by Government Relations Committee

Dear CCA Camps,

I am contacting you on behalf of the Canadian Camping Association (CCA) Lobbying Committee.

We need your help. Recent changes to the federal Temporary Foreign Workers Program are making it extremely challenging for camps to hire American and International staff. Canadian camps have always taken pride in hiring mature, skilled individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. These staff help create a diverse, safe and caring culture within our camps ensuring that the highest of standards can be met. They often are campers who grew up in our camps as well. While camps prioritize hiring Canadians, our international staff fill gaps in our staffing that we are unable to fill with qualified Canadian applicants.

The recent elevated changes to the costs and logistics associated with bringing foreign workers into Canada will make it virtually impossible for some camps to hire them for this coming summer and in the future. The government originally was very supportive of our cause, but now has postponed scheduled meetings and is very slow to communicate with us and literally is not responding.

We are asking all CCA camps (regardless of whether or not your hire international staff) to help us by contacting any Conservative MP that you may know- either by sending a letter indicating your concern or by a phone call. If you do have any very close contacts or a personal relationship with Minister Alexander or any Conservative MP please contact Mark Diamond ( so that he can determine the best way to communicate with such a person to help present our position.

Mark Diamond, Owner/Director | Camp Manitou