Jack Pearse Award of Honour

Jack Pearse Award of Honour - Canadian Camping Association

Jack Pearse (courtesy tawingo.net)

Jack Pearse spent his entire career in youth work, education and camping. He founded Camp Tawingo in Huntsville, Ontario in 1960. He served as President of the Ontario Camping Association, the Canadian Camping Association, and the American Association of Independent Camps. In addition, he was a Steering Committee member for the Third International Camping Congress. Jack was instrumental in the formation of The International Camping Fellowship and served as the Chair for many years.

A founding faculty member of the University of Waterloo Recreation Department, Jack authored many camp-related books and recorded two cassette tapes and one CD of Camp songs. He conducted leadership workshops on Camping, Outdoor Education, and Recreation in Canada, the United States, Japan, Russia, Venezuela, Australia, Colombia, and Greece.

The JACK PEARSE AWARD OF HONOUR shall be presented in recognition of a person’s contribution to the Canadian Camping Association. This award is intended to recognize individuals, camps, agencies or corporations who have through their efforts provided outstanding service to the national organization.

Past Recipients

1977    Adele Ebbs, OCA

1977    Barry Lowes, OCA

1977    Bill Swift, OCA

1977    Ron Johnstone, OCA

1977    Clifford Labbett, OCA

1977    May Brown, BCCA

1977    Barbara Taylor, NFLCA

1977    Grant McKeen, BCCA

1977    Bryan Graham, OCA

1979    David Boston, CANS

1979    Gary Luthy, ACA

1979    Nestor Kelba, ACA

1979    Lorne Bowering, BCCA

1979    Jack Pearse, OCA

1982    Brian Blackstock, OCA

1983    Rosaire Corbin, ACQ

1985    George Ross, OCA

1985    Ken Willis, ACQ

1985    George Matthews, CANS

1985    Terry Burkholter, MCA

1985    Marnie Ellis, ACQ

1985    Judy Richards, OCA

1985    Wendy Wren, OCA

1985    Jan James, ACA

1988    John Jorgenson, OCA

1988    Jane McCutcheon, OCA

1988    Gerard Bachand, ACQ

1990    Patti Thom, OCA

1992    Mike Walters, ACA

1992    Jean Funk, ACA

1993    Wilfred Jackson, CAN

1993    Skip Connett, OCA

1993    Janet Adamson, OCA

1993    Bob Smith, OCA

1993    Jocelyn Palm, OCA

1993    Bob Picken, MCA

1994    Reverend Canon David Hartry, CANS

1995    Eileen Mayotte, SCA

1997    Cal Sparks, NFLCA

1998    Trent University Archives (Bernadine Dodge, Archivist)

2002    Bob Smith, OCA

2008    Dr. Stephen Fine, OCA

2009    Friends of We Care, CCA

2010    International Camping Fellowship

2011    Owen Fraser, NBCA

2012    Brian Ward-Hall, BackCheck

2012    Dr. Troy Glover, University of Waterloo

2013    Peter Gilbert & Bruce Hodgins, OCA

2014    Mike Stewart, OCA

2016    Mark Diamond, OCA

2017    Harry & Gail Edwards, BCCA

2017    Gabrielle Raill, ACQ

2019    Sari Grossinger, OCA

2019    Howie Grossinger, OCA