Camp Nursing – Circles of Care by Mary Casey (BScN, PHN, CPHAdmin.), is an overview of the multi-facetted job of the nurse at camp and presents principles that are applicable to all health professionals and to camps with varying combinations of healthcare staff.

Mary, a lifetime camper and camp nurse at several camps in Ontario, initiated a workshop for camp nurses in 1981, which has since run annually in the Toronto area. A permanent health committee of the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) was one logical outcome of this workshop. Mary’s ongoing commitment to camping and nursing earned her an Honorary Life Membership in OCA and the Dorothy Walter Award of Excellence, OCA’s highest volunteer recognition.

Several factors are forcing camps to examine and enhance their health care programs: advances in medical knowledge and technology; legislation to protect safety and privacy, and growing public expectations. Camp Nursing – Circles of Care is a practical, easy-to-use reference for all health care staff working in camps.

The comprehensive content covers a wide range of topics:

1. The Nurse at Camp
2. First Day Health Screening
3. Medications
4. Infection Control
5. Communicable Disease Outbreak
6. Crisis Planning
7. Campers with Special Needs
8. Risk Management
9. Health Records, Recording and Reporting
10. Food Service
11. Out-Trip Health and Safety
12. First Aid

Also included is a 50 page reference section, Treatment Guidelines, containing currently accepted procedures for illness and accidents common to camps.

At little cost, camp directors can provide their health care staff with a practical, informative, easy-to-use, valuable resource to assist in improving the health care program at their camp.

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