An Unprecedented Collaboration of Canadian Camping Leaders Collaboration sans précédent des intervenants du milieu des camps canadiens

Canadian Camping Association National Leadership ForumIn November, 27 leaders in Canadian camping including Provincial Presidents, Executive Directors and representatives of every province met in Toronto for the third National Leadership Forum.

Facilitated by Jill Dundas, CCA President Elect, this capable and committed group collaborated to frame the future direction for the Canadian Camping Association.

The gathering began with a report on the status of current programs and a commitment to continue to provide current services: CCA Insurance, tree planting, the Roberta Bondar Challenge, BackCheck, Awards Program, Research, and website, Facebook and Twitter communications.

The participants then drafted an ambitious plan to support the camping industry with several exciting new initiatives:

  • Creating a national database of Canadian camps
  • Collaborating with the University of Dalhousie on a research project to study camper resilience
  • Establishing a CCA lobby/advocacy committee to work directly with a government relations firm to produce a semi-annual audit of federal and provincial legislation affecting camps
  • Developing a comprehensive communications strategy
  • Planning a national conference for 2016
  • Gathering statistical information annually through the provincial membership renewal process for marketing and lobbying.

The CCA Board is charged with finding the volunteers and financial resources to implement these programs.

We want to hear your comments, suggestions and/or offers of assistance! Please feel free to contact Jill Dundas, and be part of the exciting future for Canadian camping! You can reach Jill by email at Camping Association National Leadership Forum

Sous la direction de Jill Dundas, présidente de l’ACC, le groupe a collaboré à définir les orientations futures de l’ACC.

Le rassemblement a débuté avec un état des lieux des programmes actuels et un engagement à continuer d’offrir les services actuels : le programme d’assurance de l’ACC, la plantation d’arbres, le Défi Roberta Bondar, le partenariat avec BackCheck, le programme de prix, les études et les communications sur le site Web, Facebook et Twitter.

Les participants ont ensuite ébauché un plan pour appuyer l’industrie des camps grâce à de nombreuses nouvelles initiatives porteuses d’avenir :

  • création d’une banque de données nationale des camps canadiens
  • collaboration avec l’Université de Dalhousie sur un projet de recherche sur la résilience des campeurs
  • formation d’un comité de défense des intérêts chargé de réaliser avec le concours d’une firme spécialisée en relations gouvernementales un examen semestriel de la législation provinciale et fédérale affectant les camps
  • élaboration d’une stratégie globale de communications
  • planification d’un congrès national en 2016
  • collecte annuelle de données statistiques par le biais du processus de renouvellement des membres aux fins de marketing et lobbying

Le conseil d’administration de l’ACC est chargé de trouver les bénévoles et les ressources financières nécessaires pour mener à bien ces programmes. Veuillez faire parvenir vos commentaires, suggestions ou offres d’aide à la présidente Jill Dundas.


About Catherine Ross

Catherine's lifelong love of camping began in 1953 when she accompanied her mother, the new camp cook, to Camp Tanamakoon in Algonquin Park. She remained at Tan until 1978 as a camper and in several staff roles. After five years as a teacher, in 1979, Catherine and her husband George purchased Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da for girls in Parry Sound, Ontario which they owned for 20 years. Catherine has served on the Board of the Ontario Camps Association, and is Past President of the Society of Camp Directors. She is served as Communications Officer on the Board of the CCA, as is a recipient of the CCA's Ron Johnstone Lifetime Achievement Award. She is past editor of Camps Canada, published by the CCA, and the OCAsional News, the newsletter of the OCA. She is the author of four publications. Her articles on camping have appeared in numerous magazines.
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