A New Written Resource for Camps Which Could Save a Life

In 1997 author Diana Brock’s middle son, Evan, told his kindergarten class in Montreal about his EpiPen during “Show and Tell”.  Grabbing an opportunity to educate her class, his teacher invited Evan’s mother to instruct the children about food allergies.  Diana accepted immediately.  It had been a struggle to obtain the principal’s permission to allow five-year-old Evan to carry his EpiPen with him at all times rather than having it locked in the school office.  Evan was not invited to some birthday parties – for some parents the simplest way to avoid any problems.   Diana was encouraged by Evan’s classmates’ keen interest in the subject and their sincere desire to help to keep others safe.

Diana has now written The Best Audience A Lesson about Food Allergies for Young Children to educate children on this important subject. It is a useful resource for your camp library, to educate all your staff and for group counselors to share with their young campers, especially if a child in the group has a food allergy.

Parents of campers with allergies will be reassured to know that such education is happening in your camp.  The Best Audience is endorsed by Allergy Asthma Information Association in Canada and Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Network in the USA.   It has been approved by several Ontario school boards and is being used in hundreds of YMCA before/after school programs in several cities in Ontario.

To order a copy for your camp, please visit www.thebestaudience.ca .

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