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Today’s Children Need Camp More Than EverPlus que jamais, l’expérience du camp est bénéfique aux enfants

– By Catherine  Ross, CCA/ACC Communications Officer On March 31, 2012, Elizabeth Renzetti, Globe and Mail columnist, wrote an article about overanxious parents.  She concluded with these statements:  “They [children] need to be saved from us, their saviours.  They need … Continue reading

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Reasons to ChangeDes raisons pour changer

Jane McCutcheon has spent over 30 years in active leadership in the camping industry. She has led workshops, organized international camping conferences, served as President of CCA/ACC and has received awards from provincial and national camping bodies. Jane, now a … Continue reading

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A New Written Resource for Camps Which Could Save a Life

In 1997 author Diana Brock’s middle son, Evan, told his kindergarten class in Montreal about his EpiPen during “Show and Tell”.  Grabbing an opportunity to educate her class, his teacher invited Evan’s mother to instruct the children about food allergies.  … Continue reading

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