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Posted on April 20, 2010 by spreston

Now that we are focusing on the summer season ahead, I am urging you to include in your pre-camp plan joining the Healthy Camps Study. The CCA/ACC will once again piggy back on the American Camp Association’s (ACA) online study. The ACA has agreed to generate Canadian stats for us at the completion of this year so hopefully your camps will choose to join in.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to collect data on Canadian camps without the high costs usually associated with doing research of this kind. I urge all CCA/ACC camps to participate.

I know that many of you are planning to participate in our other camp study out of Waterloo University and I thank you for that. Whereas the Waterloo study has camp counsellors collecting data on camper attitude and involvement, the Healthy Camps Study requires that health care staff or a designated person input weekly health reports online.

Here is the link to go to in order to sign up your camps

I hope that you will consider coming on board for this project as well and I look forward to hearing from you.

Stephen Fine, PhD
CCA/ACC National Research
Committee Chair


Posted on April 11, 2010 by spreston

In the summer of 2009, hundreds of campers in twelve Ontario camps planted 2300 seedlings on their camp properties.  These seedlings were delivered to the camps free of charge through the auspices of a charity created by Andrea Koehle Jones.  Andrea, Executive Director of Love Trees ( and The ChariTREE Foundation (, is a journalist, author, environmental entrepreneur, former camper and mother of two children who lives on Bowen Island, British Columbia.  Her company offers a unique educational tree planting program, which combines Andrea’s two passions: children and the environment.

When a child plants a tree, a very meaningful and powerful experience, they get to make a wish for the planet.  Andrea calls them Wish Trees.  Andrea has traveled to Africa to plant trees with school children.  A video of this experience can be viewed on Andrea’s website.

Owing to the success of this pilot project in Ontario in 2009, CCA/ACC, with Andrea’s continuing commitment, is able to extend this free tree-planting opportunity to camps across Canada.

To sign up for this great program:

1.  Visit The ChariTREE Foundation website to learn more about the work of this charity.

2.  By May 1, 2010, order your seedlings (from 50 to 250) by e-mail through your provincial CCA/ACC representative. The seedlings are very compact. (1500 fit easily into the trunk of a car.)

British Columbia:  Pam Chater ( )

Alberta:  Kathy Keohler  (

Saskatchewan:  Donna Wilkinson ( )

Manitoba: Liora Glow ( )

Ontario:  Dave Graham  (

Quebec:  Tanya Desrochers ( )

New Brunswick: Stephane Richard ( )

Nova Scotia: Heather MacDonald ( )

Newfoundland:  Malcolm Turner ( )

3.  Each provincial representative will choose one central location with a mailing address where the seedlings will be delivered in mid June.  Andrea’s charity will pay the shipping costs to one location in each province.  The CCA/ACC provincial representative arranges for pick up or distribution of the tress in each province.  Seedlings can be stored for a short period in a cool place.

4.  On receipt, the camp signs a commitment to plant the seedlings with their campers shortly after receiving the supply.  The sooner the seedlings are planted the greater chance of their survival.

5.  It’s FREE! It’s simple!  It will make a difference to your campers, your camp and the environment!

Order your seedlings from your provincial representative today!


Posted on April 6, 2010 by Mike Stewart

In the summer of 2008, the sudden loss of Dave Stevens was mourned by BC Camping, together with his wife Lea and daughters. Dave had been a long time contributor to the camping and outdoor education movements in BC and nationally through his involvement with the CCA/ACC. While his passing left many in shock, it was responded to immediately by the BCCA with the announcement of the Dave Stevens Memorial Fund.

This fund has been created in a similar fashion to the Lorne Brown Campership Fund, which has been providing funds to BC camps each year since 2003 to send kids with financial constraints to camp. This fund however, was established in the spirit of one of Dave’s loves and passions- technology! The fund began with the collection of donations through the Sasamat Outdoor Centre, the Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Evans Lake Forest Education Society (all former employers of Dave). It was agreed that these funds would be supplemented through a drive by the BCCA until the Fall of 2009. At that point, the BCCA agreed to match all the donations and create a Memorial Fund from which the interest will be annually awarded to a member camp in BC to help develop or improve some aspect of technology in their organization.

The steering committee developing the criteria for this award has used a collaborative process, which brought together diverse camp leaders. Although initially the fund will not render much, we hope that the fund continues to grow. All donations to the fund are eligible to receive a tax receipt and the growth of the fund will only increase the amount available to the camp receiving the award.

Technology was a huge passion of Dave’s. He co-developed the CCA/ACC Roadmap project as part of the CCA/ACC Project Development Fund to allow camps nationally to access relevant information particular to summer camps. He developed various websites for both his summer camps and for the BCCA and he built several databases for BC camps and the Camping Association. Technology is both a necessity and a challenge for summer camps as it has become more needed for registration, advertising and communications while at the same time it does not seem to have a significant ‘home’ in the summer camp experience. Often camps operate on a very small budget and do not have resources to develop new technology for their organization. This fund aims to encourage and support technological development for BC summer camps, while at the same time honouring the spirit of a very significant contributor to the camping movement in BC. In February 2009, Jeff Bradshaw, President of CCA/ACC awarded CCA/ACC’s highest award, the Ron Johnstone Lifetime Achievement Award to Dave Stevens posthumously.

– Hartley Banack, President (BC Camping Association)

Kids In Camp

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Kids in Camp is a registered charity in Ontario, which subsidizes camp experiences for children and youth  It assists families to send their kids to an accredited Ontario Camps Association camp.

Kids in Camp was established in 2008 with Ted Cole, former Director of Camp Walden for thirty-five years, as the first President.  Sadly, bringing this project to fruition was to be Ted’s last of many contributions to camping in Canada. With Ted’s passing in August of 2008, his wife, Elaine, is “pleased to now follow his lead to champion a program which is making a difference to each camper that we are able to support on the path to summer adventures.”  To learn about this new charity please visit their website at