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Posted on January 25, 2010 by spreston

At a meeting in Burlington, Ontario on December 7, 2009, Dr. Stephen Fine was confirmed as Chair of the newly-formed CCA/ACC Research Committee.  In attendance were: Jeff Bradshaw, President CCA/ACC; John Jorgenson, Secretary of International Camping Fellowship, member of International Camping Congress (ICC) Research Forum, Mexico, 2005 and consultant to the committee; Catherine Ross, secretary, and three academics (including Dr. Fine) each reporting on their current camping research project.

Dr. Stephen Fine is also the Chair of the Research Subcommittee of the 2011 ICC in Hong Kong, responsible for organizing a Research Forum at this event.  The 2011 program will include reports on the three current Canadian research projects.

Amy Chapeskie, doctoral student, working with Dr. Troy Glover, Department of Recreation and Leisure/Sociology at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, confirmed that they are on schedule to implement the second stage of the Canadian Summer Camp Research Project, which is tracking the long-term benefits of the camp experience.

Mandi Baker, a long time camper and camp staff originally from Guelph, Ontario, is currently doing her doctoral studies at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.  Mandi’s study focuses on the nature of camp counselor employment experiences. She explores the benefits and value as well as the challenges and dilemmas presented within the everyday experiences of living and working in a camp community. Specifically, she explores how the emotional and relational aspects of camp culture shape counselors’ experiences. She also looks at how camp managers address dilemmas presented by the unique nature of young employees in a camp environment. While in Ontario recently, Mandi conducted interviews to collect data.  She aims to complete her studies, part-time, to present at the 2011 ICC in Hong Kong. If you would like to discuss this or related research please contact Mandi at

Dr. Stephen Fine reported that Dr. Charles Tator of Thinkfirst is a new member on the Canadian Healthy Camps Study project team, which hopes to invite other members including a paediatrician. Dr. Tator will revise the U.S. questionnaire currently in use to include data on head injuries.  In 2010, we will continue to piggyback on the U.S. study. However, by 2011, the team intends to prepare a Canadian Healthy Camps Study questionnaire with significant changes correlating specific injuries to specific activities and ranking them for their inherent risk.  The revised questionnaire will require a Canadian ethics review prior to implementation

If your camp is interested in participating in the Canadian Summer Camp Research Project or the Canadian Healthy Camps Study, please contact Dr. Stephen Fine at

Catherine Ross, CCA/ACC Communications