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CCA/ACC Awards 2008

Posted on April 30, 2009 by spreston

Ron Johnstone Lifetime Achievement Award

At the British Columbia Annual Conference in February 2009, Jeff Bradshaw, President of CCA/ACC, presented the Ron Johnstone Lifetime Achievement Award to Dave Stevens posthumously.  Dave died suddenly on August 6, 2008.

Jeff read from the inscription on the award, “From coast to coast and everywhere in between where leadership is treasured and where people gather around a campfire, the members of the CCA/ACC are proud to recogniize Dave Stevens as the fifth Ron Johnstone Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.”

Dave was a central force in British Columbia camping: nationally, he was the camping standards guru.  When addressing a task, he was determined, prepared, pragmatic, unselfish and passionate.  Dave was a camping leader of great skill, ability and commitment who shaped the landscape of our national camping community.

The award was accepted by Dave’s wife, Lea.

Jack Pearse Award of Honour

At the Society of Camp Director’s AGM in Toronto, in April 2009, Jeff Bradshaw, President of CCA/ACC, presented the Jack Pearse Award of Honour to Dr. Stephen Fine.  Stephen has become a passionate advocate for the role and necessity of resarch in organized children’s camping in Canada.

Stephen began his research into the camp experience at his own camp, The Hollows, in southern Ontario, which he co-directs with his wife, Janet.  Stephen then forged a partnership with the University of Waterloo and the five year Canadian Camp Research Project was born.  He is now in the process of developing a Canadian version of the American Camp Association’s injury and illness surveillance project known as the Healthy Camps Study. Stephen’s work will allow us to support our communication of the camp experience to the public with well researched data.

Also at this meeting, Mike Stewart and Sam Butcher received Special CCA/ACC Letters of Recognition for their work on the Cross Canada Camps Tour, which preceeded the ICC in Quebec in October 2008.  Mike was the national co-ordinator while Sam organized the Ontario part of the journey.

CCA/ACC Awards of Excellence

The Steering Committee of the 8th International Camping Congress (ACQ) received the CCA/ACC Award of Excellence: Rejean Roy, Jacqui Raill, François Vézina, Pierre Langevin, Luc Pepin, Yves Dubois, Francois Cloutier and Sylvain Proulx.  Other recipients are: Jill Jamieson (ACA), Doug Saul (ACA) and Manitoba Culture Heritage and Tourism & Sport (MCA).

Special CCA/ACC Letters of Recognition 

In addition to Mike Strewart and Sam Butcher mentioned above, all other members of the Cross Canada Camps Tour received Special CCA/ACC Letters of Recognition: Brandon McClounie (BCCA), Kathryn Rambow and Carrie McEwen (ACA) and Eric Beauchemin (ACQ).