2009 – A Record-Setting Year With BackCheck!

Posted on November 17, 2009 by spreston

Hundreds of camps from British Columbia across the country to Newfoundland have discovered the simplest, quickest, most cost-effective way to accomplish Criminal Record Checks on camp staff is to use the services of BackCheck.  In the 2009 season, BackCheck processed 7,403 requests from Canadian camps – up from 7,101 in 2008 and well above the 2006 figure of 2,857 when CCA/ACC first partnered with BackCheck.

Of the 7,403 applications processed for the 2008-2009 year, 24 (fewer than 1%) were “Not Clear”; however, the fact that there were some, emphasizes the importance of this step in choosing staff to work in Canadian camps.

Clients have several options: the traditional paper based application or the paperless online version myBackCheck .  A camp can either sign up with BackCheck to use either version, or for the online “Applicant Paid” service, have the applicant access a criminal check directly from the CCA/ACC website, pay for it ($25.00 plus GST) and have the results returned to them online with 24 hours.  This avoids delays and return trips to the local police station.

Thanks to the partnership agreement between CCA/ACC and BackCheck, one dollar of every application goes back to support the work of CCA/ACC and one dollar goes back to the Provincial Camping Association where the application originated.

We are all winners!  Camps are confident in their choice of staff; campers are safe and the national and provincial associations gain financial support.

Our sincere thanks to Brian Ward-Hall, Director of Sales-Specialty Markets, BackCheck for his excellent service to the camping community!