10 Commandments of Camp Marketing

Posted on August 14, 2017 by Travis Allison

Fellow camp professional, I think you’ll understand …

Even after 15 years of being a Camp Director, I would often fall into bed saying “Just one thing, please give me one thing that I can control!”

I’m Travis Allison. You might know me from Summer Camp Professionals on Facebook, Camp Code & CampHacker podcasts. My colleague Joanna Warren Smith (Camp Consulting Services) and I have created our 10 Commandments of Camp Marketing. (sign up here)

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Travis Allison is a former Executive Director of five summer camps who now works as an online marketing strategy advisor and specializes in the private school and summer camp industries.

Travis produces the CampHacker podcasts and blog, the Scott Arizala show, manages the Summer Camp Professionals group on Facebook and is a founding partner in GoCamp.Pro (a professional development website).

His purpose in life is to make summer camp a priority for every family.